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Hi, my name is Andrew, and…Andrew King Headshot

Here’s a bit of background on me.

People I knew growing up in rural Maine are continuously surprised that I turned into a computer geek. I grew up primarily on an organic farm in a town called Penobscot. It’s in a pretty amazing area, commonly referred to as the Blue Hill Peninsula. My dad, a PhD who decided corporate and academic life wasn’t really for him made that decision when I was 7. So we moved to Maine. Nothing like weeding rows and rows of carrots and lettuce to really make you love farming.

When I was 12, my parents amicably split. At 14, I moved to live with my mom in Albany, NY – a huge difference from the bustling [cough!] burg of Penobscot. A few years later, we moved to Springfield, Michigan – a ‘burb of Battle Creek. Not long after I joined the service.

I’m an identity and access management guru by day…

I’ve been in the industry, really, since I was 19, with a few years off for other things here and there.

I got my start in the US Air Force as a “computer operator” back in ’89, when that spanned everything from PCs to mainframes. They probably have finer distinctions for it now.

My first job in the USAF was in Alaska as an HF teletype dude, doing message transfer from ground hard lines to planes in the air. I moved from there to ComSec, helping manage all the communications security codes on the base. I don’t miss inventories – which involved page counting hundreds of books with hundreds of pages for completion.

I was transferred to a combat comm squadron in Oklahoma in ’93. There I worked with the quick response package as a start (again, HF teletype), then migrated into deployable networking – which was really cool. We had routers, comm servers, hubs, etc., all in these sweet airtight weatherproof cases, that we could deploy anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. I saw time in the Persian Gulf, Italy, and others.

After I got out of the service, I worked at what was a soon-to-be acquired local ISP in the area, called IONet. I think they were acquired by Earthlink or something – either way, I wasn’t needed. I moved to Michigan and started contracting for with (at the time) AeroTek, then did a stint with another regional company called Data Systems Network Corporation. The company collapsed, I went back to contracting (now it was TekSystems) for a bit, then joined CA Inc.

With them, I was back into the computer security realm, and loving it. I specialized in the eTrust Identity Management as well as eTrust Access Control (host-based access control). I stayed with CA for almost 5 years, but the last couple of years were hard on the young family, with me being on the road 40+ weeks each year. We made the decision that I needed to get off the road for a bit, so I took a job with FedEx. While there, I was key player in the identity management (Sun IDM), web access management (Oracle Access Manager), and federation (Ping Identity’s PingFederate) implementations.

Husband and father by night.

I’ve been married to Brooke since 2000, and we have 2 amazing daughters that are 10 and 12. Add to that a dog, and two cats, and you know we have a… Well… Fairly busy house. I was previously married, and have a great son from that marriage.  I don’t see him as often as I’d like, but we live pretty far apart.

The girls are pretty involved with cheer, and I do some web work for the local team here in Scarborough. Like I don’t do enough computer work. Brooke yells at me for taking on too much. I’m just trying to help folks out where I know I can.

We moved here in 2009, shortly after my dad had a severe stroke. Scarborough is a great town with some of the best schools in Maine. We’re known for Glenn Close (she has a house here), Greg Finley (he was on The Secret Life of the American Teenager), and Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner is building a home here.

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