Replacing the Google RSS Feed Reader…

I’m replacing Google Reader. It’s apparent that the tool is dying, and that’s a shame – it was pretty damned good. That said, there’s generally something good that comes about when this sort of thing happens, and this time is no different.

Is RSS going away? Despite a post a while back from Camen Design suggesting such a possibility based on various things, I (and Camen Design) don’t believe that’s the case. I use the hell out of Google’s RSS feed reader to track any number of sites, especially in regards to information security – specifically my Identity and Access Management blogs/sites/whatever. I don’t want to visit 30+ sites every day to see if there is anything new!

Anyhow, I did my usual thing, and got out there and started poking around to see what could handle my plethora of feeds. I looked at a few plugins for my favorite browser (Firefox), but the ones that appeared promising appeared to be dying on the vine.

And then, the heavens opened…

Feedly. What a great looking site! It’s got plugins for all the major browsers to help you add content to your feeds. It plugs into your Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader accounts. It lays it out all snazzy, kinda like a magazine plugin… Simply great. I heartily recommend checking it out.

Hello There!

Bobblehead AndyHello there. My name is Andrew, and I’ll be your blogger today. Well, probably every day. Well, probably not every day, but I’ll try to be more frequent than I have been elsewhere.

My goal for this blog is to talk about my worklife, primarily. Links that I find that are good to have, knowledge that I learn and wish to share, that sort of thing. I’ll primarily be talking about the regular stuff I do – centering on identity and access management.

You may have reached this space from my lightly used Firefox plugin, TamperData Icon Redux. It sports about 3000 daily users, and has hit a bit more than 55K total downloads. You can check the statistics out here, if you care.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, you can check out my About Andrew page. I’ll be adding more stuff as days go by, so be sure to stop back.